Established in 2020 by Winston Philcox

Our company strives to ensure we keep your personal letters, parcels and emails safe and secure. We use the highest technology and physical hardware to ensure our promises have been kept.

My name is Winston and I am the founder and CEO of Send Me Later. Ten years ago I started my journey at university to work in the medical industry which ultimately lead to this idea. My first career was being a paramedic and I am now nearing the end of my medical degree to work as a general practitioner. During my first year of university I had written myself a letter and left myself a parcel for my future self to open upon finishing my studies. This letter/parcel has given me motivation to keep going throughout the hard times I endured during my studies and to never give up. I now wish to extend this service to others’ all over the world in hopes of it helping them as it helped me. 

We look forward to servicing your requests.




To give everyone the chance to preserve something special for their futures.


  • Extremely secure storage facilities
  • Anonymity between customers
  • Preserving cherished possessions